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Charles Schwab Corp

Charles Schwab Corp. functions as a banking and brokerage company with its base in San Francisco, California. It operates mainly in the U.S. but has stations in London and Puerto Rico. It was founded by Charles “Chuck” Schwab in 1971 under the name First Commander Corporation. It was declared to be among the best in Banking Services in 2012 and Retirement Services in 2014, according to the Online Broker Review.

Its main services are banking, wealth management, investing, and trading. Under banking services are those involving saving accounts, home loans, and checking accounts. Wealth management offers are portfolio management, planning, and financial consulting. The company provides assistance with investments through investment guidance, portfolio management and evaluation, IRAs and other investment methods. The company’s brokerage business allows clients to trade stocks, ETFs and other exchangeable assets.


Ameriprise Financial

Ameriprise Financial is an America financial holding company established in 1983. The company headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It allocates services for asset and wealth management, annuities, financial protection, and corporate affairs. Financial advisors are available for individuals and companies. Its Threadneedle branch offers international investment services and products while the Columbia Management branch manages transactions in America.

Its RiverSource Life Companies branch handles annuities for retail clients. Life insurance, property-casualty insurance, disability and income insurance are some of the available offers in their Protection segment. It provides assistance with life events such as new baby, college education, marriage, divorce, estate planning, home buying, investment planning, business ownership, job transition or loss, home downsizing, long-term health care, and retirement. Different kinds of investments are also offered by this company.


Ally Financial

Ally Financial is a global bank holding corporation which is headquartered in Michigan. It was previously named as GMAC or General Motors Acceptance Corporation. The bank’s accomplishments include being mentioned as the best online bank for three consecutive years by Money magazine, having around 800,000 clients, and maintaining a customer satisfaction score above 90%. Its businesses include corporate financing, auto financing, dealership, and online banking.

The corporate finance branch provides target market services, financing needs assistance, and various loans. Auto dealer services include ally dealer rewards, ally blueprint for dealer growth program, etc. Protection products include inventory insurance, property & casualty insurance, vehicle insurance, service and maintenance contracts, and more. It offers mobile banking, savings and CDs, IRAs, ATM service, and checking accounts.


American Express

American Express Company is a multinational banking and travel corporation. Its main branch is in Manhattan, New York City. The company operates in 40 countries. Founded in 1850, it belongs to the group of the oldest banks in America. American Express is widely known for its credit cards, which makes up close to a quarter of all credit card transactions in America.

Services include direct mail and online applications, direct response advertising, targeted sales forces, corporate management solutions, card programs, payment processing, etc. Its global business travel segment gives investment solutions via offline and online methods and mobile apps. It also includes travel planning, travelers insurance and cheques, and global assistance. The Global Network & Merchant services branch is for global payment processing, product sails, marketing programs, and more.


SunTrust Banks

SunTrust Banks is a holding company operating in the United States. It serves in the Southeast portion of America. It was set up in 1985, but its predecessor, the Trust Company of Georgia, was established in 1891. The original corporation merged with Sunbanks, Inc. that was founded in 1934. Their 1985 merger resulted in the creation of Sun Bank in Florida and Trust Company in Georgia.

It was only in 1995 when the company acquired its current name, SunTrust Banks. It acquisited some companies like the Robinson-Humphrey Company and the National Commerce Financial Corporation. Its online banking services include personal finance software, online payments and transfers, and TurboTax. It also provides mobile banking. It provides a range of credit and prepaid card services. Loans are likewise available for autos, homes, motorcycles, education, and medical care. Retirement plans and services can be purchased from this bank.



The BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust) Corporation is considered to be one of the largest US holding companies in terms of market capitalization and assets. It is based in North Carolina and operates close to two thousand centers in 12 American states. Currently belonging to the group of Fortune 500 companies, its history traces back to the year 1872.

It has survived both world wars and merged with several banks to achieve its status today. It offers a comprehensive range of services for individual clients and businesses. Advisory services can be requested for banking, strategic credit, risk management, investment, trust & estate services, and other concerns. Companies can be assisted with insurance for various aspects of the business such as employee benefits, commercial property and liability, business planning, transportation, claims consulting, risk control, and more. Clients can avail of banking accounts, cards, and other convenient banking methods


Principal Financial Group

The Principal Financial Group is a multinational investment company with its main office in Iowa. It is listed among the Fortune 500 companies with nearly $500 billion in assets. Aside from being widespread in America, they have branches in numerous countries within Latin America, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

The company originated in 1879 under the name Bankers Life Association. It provides products for individuals, businesses, and financial professionals. In the U.S., they offer life insurance of various types. Retirement products include investment options, multiple retirement plans, and employee stock ownership plans, to name a few. They offer group insurance for disability, vision, critical illness, dental health, and life. Owner and key employee solutions involve income and business protection, business exit planning, estate planning, and retirement income.


TD Bank Company

TD Bank Company or Toronto-Dominion Bank is a global financial and banking services company based in Toronto, Canada. Aside from serving its host country, it also has operations in Europe and the United States. Its U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking segment handles commercial and retail banking transactions done in America.

It has several branches such as the U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking, Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking, Wholesale Banking, and Wealth and Insurance. It helps businesses with their finances, banking requirements, investments, cash management, international trading affairs, and other concerns. It provides credit cards, a range of insurance products, underwriting services, advice on acquisitions, and assistance for other company and financial matters. In Canada, the available services are: auto finance, trust, commercial banking, wealth management, and insurance. Direct investing is for the U.K. In the U.S., services for auto finance, Ameritrade, wealth management, and securities are available.


State Street Corporation

State Street Corporation is a long-running holding company based in the United States. Its establishment dates back to 1792 and it is among the oldest banks in America. With headquarters in Boston, the company operates in 25 countries. Its main partitions are the Commercial Real Estate branch and the Institutional branch. Its capabilities are the following: investment operations and analytics, custody, accounting, fund administration, and accounting.

Industry services include banks, government entities, insurance companies, wealth managers, pension plans, collective funds, and alternative investment funds. They offer market-driven solutions involving ETF services, collateral and derivatives, insurance products, information delivery, and risk services. Their investment servicing and management provides for mutual funds, collective investment funds, investment pools, custody, accounting, foreign exchange, securities financing, loans financing, financial assets management, and more



HSBC North America Holdings is the North American segment of HSBC Holdings, Inc. The bank’s main location is in London but it has branches in America, Canada, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe. HSBC’s operations span 80 countries and nearly 7,000 offices. During the year 2012, it is the largest bank in the world in terms of assets. Right now, its assets reach almost $3 trillion while their clients are estimated to be at 60 million.

HSB North America Holdings in particular is in New York. Its services include banking, lending, investing, retiring, and insurance. They allow international banking transactions such as opening accounts in other countries, global money transfers, international mortgages and relocations. Their loaning services include credit card loans and home loans. Financial advisors may be hired for assistance regarding financial reviews, investment matters, and other related concerns.


Capital One

Capital One Financial Corporation is a holding company in the US founded in 1994 with headquarters in Virginia. It is listed among the largest banking holding companies in the country and it is a Fortune 500 company. Although they primarily conduct business in America, they also do business in the UK and Canada. They offer financial services to consumers, commercial clients, and small businesses.

A notable achievement of this bank is that it contributed to the dissemination of credit cards when they were new to the public. They have business branches for credit cards, commercial banking, and consumer banking. Credit card services are available for small businesses and clients. They handle deposits, auto loans, mortgages and house loans, business loans, investments, business checking and savings accounts, cash flow management, 401(k) plans, merchant services, treasury management for companies, and other financial matters.


PNC Financial Services Group

PNC Financial Services Group (PNC) is a financial services company in the US. Founded in 1852, it has gone through several mergers until it is the one of the largest banks in the US with regards to total assets, bank deposits, and ATM provisions. Its main office is in Pennsylvania. It has six main segments: Corporate & Institutional Banking, Retail Banking, Asset Management, BlackRock segment, Residential Mortgage Banking, and Non-Strategic Assets Portfolio.

It deals with services for checking and savings accounts, debit/prepaid/credit cards, phone banking, workplace banking, online banking, student banking, and military banking. They also handle investments and retirement matters such as brokerage accounts, education accounts, retirement accounts, retirement options, insurance, and more. Their wealth management services include planning, asset protection and management, and personal banking services.


Bank of New York Mellon

The Bank of New York Mellon Corp. (BNY Mellon) functions as a bank holding company with international operations. The Bank of New York and Mellon Financial Corporation merged to form this company. BNY is the oldest banking company in the US: the Bank of New York started in 1784 while T. Mellon & Son’s Bank (the original name of Mellon Financial Corp) was founded in 1869. The merged BNY Mellon was established in 2007. Currently, the bank serves 36 countries.

Its headquarters is at 1 Wall Street in Manhattan, New York. As of this writing, this bank has around $30 trillion worth of assets and a hundred markets. The company gives services for global markets, traditional and alternative investments, central securities deposits, collaterals, derivatives, corporate trust, and treasuries.


U.S Bancorp

U.S. Bancorp is a bank holding company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The bank’s progenitor was founded in 1850 but the present U.S. Bancorp is officially established around 1990. The company is the product of the acquisition and mergers of not less than 50 US banks.

The U.S. Bank National Association, one of the largest banks in America in terms of assets and number of branches, is a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp. Its investment operations are solely within the United States but payment processing and merchant services are intenational.Their services include online and mobile banking, checking and savings, prepaid and credit cards, mortgage and refinancing, loans and credit lines, deposits, management of wealth and investments, insurance, leasing, brokerage, credit cards, import and export trading, agricultural finance, lock-box collection, and more.


Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a global financial company founded in America in 1935. Its headquarters is in New York but its operations span 42 countries in most of the continents of the world. The company name originated from its two founders – Henry Morgan and Harold Stanley.

The company’s founders were originally part of J.P. Morgan & Co but they left and formed the present day Morgan Stanley. The reason behind this switch: an old law that prohibited a holding company’s ownership of both commercial and investment banking businesses prompted J.P. Morgan to prioritize commercial businesses, and this led several of its employees including Morgan and Stanley to jump ship. As of the present, the Morgan Stanley Corporation offers investment service such as brokerage, investment banking and management, trading and sales, and investment research. They also offer wealth management and planning services.


Goldman Sachs

The Goldman Sachs Group is a multinational banking firm that services clients with large revenue such as companies, governments, and the wealthy. Founded in 1869, it has maintained its operations up to now and has achieved its status as one of the best performing banks in America.

The headquarters is located in New York and has several branches in America, but the company has also expanded its operations to far away countries like India, Sweden, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The company can be consulted for professional advice regarding acquisitions, mergers, restructurings, spin-offs, portfolio planning, wealth generation, wealth management, and other activities that involve companies and finances. They also handle investments, stocks, loans, securities, real estate, and power generation facilities.


Wells Fargo & Company

Wells Fargo & Company is a bank serving the US and several countries in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia. Its name frequently comes up in lists of achievers in the banking and financial industry. It is among the largest US companies to date, and it ranks high in terms of assets, deposits, debit cards, and mortgage servicing.

The original Wells Fargo is founded in 1852 – it merged with Norwest Corporation in 1998. Between these two dates, they have launched several acquisitions and mergers with other companies such as the National Bank of Alaska, Placer Sierra Bank, Century Bank, and Merlin Securities, to name a few. They provide diverse services and products for small businesses and consumers – banking transactions, securities, loan provisions, equipment leasing, investments, and more.



Citigroup, also known as Citi, is a global financial corporation that is the product of Citicorp and Travelers Group’s merger last 1998.

In 2008, it was deemed as the third-highest earner among financial holding companies in the US. In terms of its scope, Citi boasts of the most number of locations served – 140 countries in total. It has two main branches, namely Citi Holdings and Citi Corp. Citi Holdings deals with asset management and brokerage, while Citi Corp manages banking transactions for consumers and institutions. The company caters to consumers, businesses, institutions, and governments alike.

They provide the following: consumer and corporate banking, asset and investment management, credit card loans, and financial analysis. Their main office is situated at New York.


Bank of America

Bank of America started way back in 1904 and has expanded its operations worldwide. The company’s headquarters is in North Carolina, US and it has offices in every state in America.

It also has several branches in China and Latin America. In 2010, this bank was ranked as the third among the biggest companies internationally in terms of total income generated. The bank still holds its status as top-earner in America at present despite the many lawsuits filed against it in the past years.

Their main target is the domestic market, which makes up about 90% of their revenue. They offer services involved in banking, credit, and investments for both consumers and corporations, such as the following: savings, checking, credit, and investment accounts; real estate; mortgage loans; financial advisories; asset and financial management; brokerage; and financial planning.


JP-Morgan Chase

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. is a global company offering various banking and financial services. Founded in 2000, it has become one of the largest banks in the US.

Its present name is derived from the collaboration of J.P. Morgan & Co. and Chase Manhattan Corporation, which were long-running financial institutions before their merger. Since then, the company grew through additional mergers and acquisitions of Bank One, Bear Steams, Washington Mutual, Collegiate Funding Services, The Bank of New York Co., and ClimateCare.

Their services include the following: banking transactions at their branches and through ATMs, phones, and online; counseling about corporate and financial matters; real-estate and mortgage; handling investments, securities, and stocks; market research and generation; capital raising; loan provisions; payment processing; and asset management. Their headquarters is in New York City.