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Car Loans: Tips before Signing, Dealing and Driving

According to studies and statistics, more and more Americans are not about to meet the requirements in financing their cars. A lot of people make a mistake in purchasing a new car that is way beyond their ability to pay. This contributes to the ever growing delinquency rate in the car market.

Buying a used or a new car in one payment could be very burdensome, and this is exactly why car loans are made. The logic behind it is simple: The lender would let you borrow some money and you pay them over an agreed period of time, with interest. The amount that you make use of is called the loan principal. The interest can either be fixed or variable, depending on the agreement. Throughout the course of the loan, you are responsible for all the fees associated with the maintenance of the car.


Many individuals see loans as borrowing money from the lender. However, the real truth is that the car is in fact, named after the lender and you’re only liable for all the expenses related to it while it’s in your use. You only get full possession of the car once you have finished paying for the car loan. Otherwise, the lender would retrieve the car from you.
Given this, a thorough look should be given to your car loans’ terms and contract before getting all too excited in driving the car home. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider before getting car loans:

Go over your credit reports

A person’s credit score is a statistical expression that is computed from the credit files to signify the creditworthiness of that individual. The score is usually assessed from files and information normally sourced from credit authorities. There are certain sites that are dedicated to assessing the credit report of an individual. Most lenders look at these reports before allowing car loans. The interest rates are usually based on the credit score.

Look for the best rate

The rate may vary depending on the length of the contract, the value of the car and the ceiling rates offered by the lender. Going to a dealership with a fail-safe auto loan would provide you bargaining flexibility and power. This also prevents you from mixing up the car financing costs and the loan itself. However, walking into a deal without any research might leave you with extra repayments.

Most people overlook this step and simply sign the most accessible deal or the first one they would lay hands on. First tip is not to be lured by too good to be true offers, like very low interest rates. These offers are only for persons with good credit scores.

Community banks and credit unions are often the most excellent place to begin. They normally present the most suitable rates on car loans, especially for first timers.
Local banks normally have very detailed, traditional loan regulations and can only serve to people with good credit scores. Given that, banks offer very competitive loan rates. You could start off with your preferred local ban k and ask about their rates.

Local unions function similarly to banks, but they lend money only to members, who are also technically owners of the credit union. Since it is non-profit, the lending rate of their loans can be lower than the usual. This is usually the reason why people join credit unions.

Ways go for the shortest loan that your income would allow.
The more expensive the car is, the longer it would be to pay it. The longer the term of the loan, the less monthly payments it would incur. However, this can also translate to higher total cost.
With the higher interest rates, the loan becomes too burdensome for you in the long run. If you can, just try to restrict your car loan into 48 months, or 4 years. That’s the average amount of time that you should spend paying for the car. That could mean higher monthly fees, but it would also get you out of your debt much faster. It could also help for you to use

Beware of fake loans and scams

Some people simply sign the documents and overlook most terms since they are all too excited to drive the new car Just a few days after, a dealer would come approaching, saying the financing was unapproved. In return, you are either faced to pay the rental fee of using the car, or be forced to agree on a higher interest rate.

Most car dealers do not regard the sale as final, not until all the paper works and fees are already in their account. The only way you can protect yourself is to set an agreement that the car won’t be taken unless there is a final word about the deal.

Always remember that getting car loans isn’t easy because lenders too have to be careful on their side. Rejection is very likely in car loan applications. Moreover, that doesn’t mean you should stop from applying. Maybe it only means you need to save more amount of money as deposit. Think of it this way: rejections will also save you from getting more indebted in the future since it means that they think you can’t pay more than what you are earning. Hence, the more you get rejected it only means you’re likely to find it hard to pay the repayments.